10 Foods Every Missourian Craves When They Leave Missouri

Home is where the heart is. And, for us, that’s our beautiful Missouri. Sometimes we leave home – for a vacation; we move then return; or we leave permanently, coming back every so often to visit family and friends. But, no matter how far we roam, Missouri will always remain our beloved home state. Leaving, whether temporarily or permanently, can also give some pretty massive cravings for the delicious foods only Missouri knows how to do right. Here are 10 foods every Missourian craves when they leave Missouri. (See if you agree!)

What else would you add to this list of foods Missourians crave when we leave home? Let us know in the comments! Then, when you’re home and in the mood for comfort foods, you’ll definitely want to try one of these 11 eateries. Click here to read more.