Overall, Mississippi is a pretty safe place; however, just like any other state, it’s had its fair share of shocking events take place throughout the years. Of all those events, one of the most horrifying was definitely the murder of James Craig Anderson. The gruesome murder occurred on a June night in 2011 in Jackson. After a ghastly and violent chain of events, Anderson’s life was over and the search for his murderers began. The FBI immediately launched a civil rights investigation, and it ended with a total of ten people being found culpable in the crime. Before long, all ten plead guilty to having some sort of involvement in Anderson’s murder. At the request of Anderson’s family, none of the perpetrators were given the death penalty.

Eventually, national media outlets, including CNN, caught wind of the shocking murder. Learn more about James Craig Anderson and the harrowing ordeal that ended his life in the video below.

Did you know this horrific crime took place in Mississippi?

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