7 Weird And Strange Things That Have Happened In Mississippi

Strange stuff happens everywhere and Mississippi is no exception. Need proof? With everything from creepy to just plain weird, these videos confirm that Mississippi has had some unusual happenings over the years.

1. The world famous 1977 UFO sighting in Flora, Mississippi.

2. The Mississippi rancher who believed shipping cows to Israel would bring about the second coming of Jesus.

3. Foot print and sightings in Vicksburg believed to be linked to the infamous Bigfoot.

4. The Phantom Barber of Pascagoula.

5. The alleged 1973 alien abduction in Pascagoula.

6. The finding of a burial site, which contained over 1,000 bodies, on the University of Mississippi campus. Oh, and the bodies were believed to be from a lunatic asylum…creepy.

7. And, of course, the time everyone thought a sick coyote was a chupacabra.

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