This Weekend Itinerary Is Perfect For Exploring Oxford in Mississippi

If you’re a creative soul in search of inspiration, you’ll find it in Oxford, Mississippi home of artists and writers alike. Full of outstanding shops, eateries, and outdoor spaces to explore, it’s a place perfect for a weekend getaway. Refilling your creative well is easy in the presence of literary greats such as William Faulkner, the famous writer who made his home in Rowan Oak. Oxford is also where the University of Mississippi is, so the music scene is young, energetic, and ready to explore.

If you don’t have a weekend to spare, you can always plan a day trip. This Day Trip To The Mississippi Petrified Forest Is One Of The Best You Can Take In Mississippi. It’s a chance to explore the Great Outdoors in a completely unusual way. Learn all about the history of the petrified trees that exist in the area on your next visit.

Address: Oxford, MS 38655, USA