Visit This Legendary Mississippi Eatery For The Most Famous Dessert In The State

The perfect ending to a great meal is a great dessert. And you can find just that at the Crystal Grill in Greenwood. In business for nearly a century, it’s accumulated a list of accolades – many of which can be attributed to the eatery’s ‘mile-high meringue’ pies. Serving up a delicious fare along with what may be the most famous dessert in the Delta, a visit to the Crystal Grill is sure to be a tasty one. Take a look:


So, have you ever dined at the Crystal Grill? Tried the mile-high meringue? Tell us in the comments section!

Visit the Crystal Grill at 423 Carrollton Ave. in Greenwood on Tuesday through Sunday, from 11 am to 10 pm. For more information, click here.

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