The Edgar Parker-Themed My Fantastical Backyard In Mississippi Is The Stuff Of Childhood Dreams

As one of the larger cities in Mississippi, there’s lots of stuff to do in Meridian. The Mississippi Children’s Museum is among the city’s best attractions. It’s brimming with great exhibits – inside AND out. In fact, one of its best exhibits, My Fantastical Backyard, is located outside the museum. A unique play space modeled after the whimsical works of author and artist Edgar Parker, it’s the stuff childhood dreams are made of.


Have any questions? Call the Mississippi Children’s Museum of Meridian at (601) 512-0270. You can also visit the Mississippi Children’s Museum of Meridian website.

So, did you know about this unique play space? Ever been to this Meridian museum? Did you explore the outdoor play space? If so, what’d you think? How does it rank among stuff to do in Meridian? Tell us!

When it comes to stuff to do in Meridian, this themed playground is just the tip of the iceberg. The city is home to lots of other great sites, including the tallest waterfall in Mississippi.

Address: Mississippi Children's Museum - Meridian, 403 22nd Ave, Meridian, MS 39301, USA