There are lots of scary places in Mississippi, particularly in Natchez and Vicksburg. These spooky sites are just waiting to be explored, which is where the map below comes in. Focusing on two of the state’s most haunted cities, we selected nine haunted locations that were somewhat close in proximity and mapped out a route that leads to the creepiest places in Mississippi. The road trip will take about seven hours, excluding the time you spend at each stop, of course. So if you’re brave enough, grab some friends, fill up the gas tank, and get ready for one memorable (and frightening) road trip!

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Creepiest Places In Mississippi

What is the most haunted place in Mississippi?

Of all the haunted places in Mississippi, there’s one that’s consistently referred to as the “most haunted” – and it’s McRaven in Vicksburg. Not only is the historic home considered the most haunted house in Mississippi, but it’s the third most haunted in the country. News of the home’s strange happenings has spread far and wide, thanks to it being featured on A&E, The Travel Channel, and 48 Hours. And with the home’s history, the spooky occurrences are no surprise - several of McRaven’s past residents have died in the home, one owner was actually murdered on the property, and during the Civil War, it served as a Confederate hospital.

What is the creepiest abandoned place in Mississippi?

Taking the title of the creepiest abandoned place in Mississippi is Kuhn State Memorial Hospital, which is also located in Vicksburg. Known to be a magnet for paranormal activity, the abandoned hospital has attracted numerous paranormal investigators and was even featured on the show “Ghost Asylum.” Opened in 1832 to combat a smallpox outbreak, the hospital would go on to treat Civil War soldiers, victims of a severe Yellow Fever epidemic, mental patients, and people with infectious diseases, who were housed in an area of the hospital known as the “Pest House.” Throughout its years in operation, Kuhn State Memorial Hospital saw many pass before their time, which may have something to do with the inexplicable occurrences that have taken place there.

What is the most haunted town in Mississippi?

Notoriously haunted locales are scattered throughout Mississippi. Just about every town has some sort of local legend or spooky tale associated with it; however, there is one town that is definitely more haunted than the rest – and it’s Natchez. Despite brimming with charm, it’s long been considered one of Mississippi’s most haunted cities. Its penchant for paranormal activity even inspired Dr. Alan Brown’s book, "Haunted Natchez."