Here Are The 10 Strangest Things That Ever Happened In Mississippi

They say truth is stranger than fiction, and these stories definitely back up that claim! From an unusual mental institution escape to a man coming back from the dead, these 10 stories are by far some of the strangest in the state’s history.

8. An Unusual Target

In the spring of 2013, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey Circus was in Tupelo. In town for a series of performances, the travelling circus was made up of several animals, including an Asian elephant named Carol. In the early morning hours, Carol was in the outside area of the Tupelo BancorpSouth Arena when a car drove by and fired into the area. Luckily, Carol was not seriously injured by the single bullet that struck her.

9. Satanic Suspects

In 2013, members of the group Satanic Temple traveled from New York to Meridian in order to perform a ceremony, “Pink Mass,” in Magnolia Cemetery, specifically over the grave of Catherine Idalette Johnston.

10. Unidentified Flying Dinosaur

According to several photos that are floating around, it looks like soldiers did a lot more during the Civil War than fight battles. In the photos, taken in approximately 1864, the soldiers are standing around with a prize they allegedly shot down from the sky – which is believed to be some type of a pterodactyl.

What did you think? Strange enough for you? Know of some other strange tales in Mississippi’s history? Share your thoughts below.