This Spooky Small Town In Mississippi Could Be Right Out Of A Horror Movie

As the name implies, ghost towns are some pretty creepy places. Long abandoned, these towns are often filled with nothing but dilapidated buildings and an eerie silence. When it comes to these types of forgotten towns, Mississippi has several, but Rodney definitely stands out. With only a handful of buildings remaining and nearly no residents, this abandoned town could be right out of a horror movie.

Ready to see Rodney for yourself? Below are directions to the ghost town as posted on the Historic Rodney, Ms. Facebook Page:

“From Hwy 61, take the Alcorn State University exit to hwy 552 West. Go about 3 miles until you see a turning lane to turn left. Take that turn, then the next left on Firetower Rd. There will be a water tank at the turn. When that road ends, take a right. Travel about 6 miles and it will bring you into Rodney. The road will turn to gravel before you get there. Don’t give up though! It will go back to pavement at the top of the hill leading into the old town!”

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