The Underrated Natural Wonder Every Mississippian Should See At Least Once

When it comes to natural wonders, we’ve got plenty in the Magnolia State. In addition to well known wonders, like the Mississippi River and Petrified Forest, there are also lesser known sites, like Red Bluff. Dubbed the “Little Grand Canyon of Mississippi,” it may not be as famous as its larger counterpart but it’s still sure to impress. This is one natural wonder every Mississippian should see at least once. Take a look:

Red Bluff is located just off Highway 587 near Foxworth, MS. Click here to view it on a map.

So, did you know about Red Bluff? Ever visited? Know of another hidden wonder? Tell us in the comments section.

We’ve mapped out a route that’ll lead you to several of Mississippi’s natural wonders. Check it out here.