Lamar Park Is A Little-Known Park In Mississippi That Is Perfect For Your Next Outing

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Mississippi? For some people, it could be the miles of coastline along the gulf, and for others, it could be the out-of-this-world food. But, for us, Mississippi always makes us think of their amazing parks. While many of their parks are popular (which sometimes also means crowded) Lamar Park in Oxford, Mississippi, has stayed under the radar, making it perfect for your next outing.

Ultimately, Lamar Park is a quiet oasis when you need a nice quiet walk to think and enjoy nature. While this is not a park to host social gatherings, we love this idea and think others will enjoy the park too. Have you been to Lamar Park? What do you think about this type of park?

Address: Oxford, MS 38655, USA