Out-Of-Staters Attempt To Pronounce Mississippi Town Names With Hilarious Results

After living in Mississippi for an extended period of time, you develop certain skills. And we’re not talking about being able to make killer sweet tea or conjuring up a “bless your heart” in the most trying of times. Sure, Mississippians are great at those things (and so many others), but residing in the Magnolia State also comes with another learned skill – the knowledge that in the South, you can never judge a town by the way it’s spelled. And if you need proof (along with a good laugh), check out the video below and watch as out-of-staters attempt to pronounce some of Mississippi’s trickiest town names.

As you can see, Mississippi town names can be pretty perplexing! The good thing is that the more difficult the name, the more comical the results. Of course, there’s another plus side to the Magnolia State’s oddly-named towns. The unique monikers often have historical ties and interesting meanings, ultimately serving as a reminder of Mississippi’s long, colorful history.

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So, what’d you think? Were you stumped by any of these town names? Did you know how to pronounce all of them? Tell us in the comments section.

Being able to pronounce unusual town names isn’t the only identifiable feature of a Mississippian’s vocabulary. Click here for phrases that’ll make you swear residents have their own language.

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