One of the most notorious haunts in Mississippi, Waverly Mansion in West Point, is believed to be haunted by several restless spirits. Rumors of the extreme amount of paranormal activity at Waverly Mansion have attracted everyone from the curious to supernatural investigators. Known as one of the “most haunted homes in the South,” the stories about Waverly Mansion are beyond terrifying. Take a look below to learn all about Waverly Mansion history.

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What's one of the most haunted houses in Mississippi where you'll likely spot a ghost?

Mississippi is home to several houses that are considered to be haunted, including the historic McRaven House. Located in Vicksburg, Mississippi, this historic home has been haunted ever since it was built in 1797 by Andrew Glass. Over the years, it's gone through several owners, and numerous visitors have reported lots of strange activity. For example, Mary Elizabeth, one of the former residents, died giving birth and is believed to haunt the house today. Several people have reported seeing her apparition. During the Civil War, the McRaven House was used as a hospital. Fallen soldiers are believed to be haunting it today. The McRaven House was purchased in 2015 and reopened to the public. Today, visitors of this historic landmark enjoy the home's popular ghost tours and often spot an apparition or two.

What's one of the most chilling Mississippi ghost stories that takes place at the post-war home of former President Jefferson Davis?

There are many ghost stories about Mississippi we've all heard at one time or another. One of the most chilling ghost stories takes place at Beauvoir, the post-war home of former President Jefferson Davis. This historic home, which is located in Biloxi, is where lots of paranormal activity has taken place, and continues to do so. In 1941, Beauvoir opened to the public for tours. Many people who have taken the tour of this home have reported apparitions in the background of their photos. It's believed these are the spirits of Jefferson Davis, his wife, and his daughter. Throughout the years, Beauvoir has attracted paranormal enthusiasts from all across Mississippi's Gulf Coast and beyond. In fact, in 2014, Beauvoir was officially investigated by a paranormal team and several strange things happened. Is Beauvoir truly haunted? I guess you'll have to tour the home to see for yourself.

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