Abandoned in 1989, Vicksburg’s Kuhn State Memorial Hospital was a go-to destination for paranormal investigators for years, until its demolition in 2019. From the dark maze of rooms that filled the building to the strange happenings that took place within its walls, it’s no wonder it was often revered as one of the spookiest sites in Mississippi. Read on for more history on this eerie abandoned hospital in Mississippi, and be sure to check out the video!

Check out the video below, which was shot at Kuhn State Memorial Hospital, to see some of the creepy happenings for yourself. (That is, if you’re feeling brave.)

So, have you heard about this abandoned hospital in Mississippi? Have your own spooky tale to share? Know of any other creepy places in Mississippi? Tell us!

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Abandoned Hospital In Mississippi

Are there any other abandoned places in Mississippi?

Surprisingly, Kuhn State Memorial Hospital isn’t the only abandoned hospital in Mississippi. South Mississippi Charity Hospital in Laurel is also among the abandoned places in Mississippi. It opened in 1917 and closed in 1989, after 72 years of service. Abandoned and practically destroyed by a fire, it’s just a shell of the state-of-the-art facility it once was. Not surprisingly, it’s garnered an eerie reputation over the years as one of the creepiest abandoned places in Mississippi. It’s believed to be haunted by the ghosts of two young girls, one of whom died in the hospital when she was accidentally given too much anesthesia.

What are some other creepy places in Mississippi?

When it comes to creepy places in Mississippi, City Cemetery in Kosciusko definitely fits the bill. It’s not actually the cemetery that’s creepy, but a specific statue within the cemetery. The statue of Laura Kelly was commissioned in the late 1800s, by Mr. Kelly, Laura’s husband. Extremely distraught over his wife’s death, he wanted a statue in her likeness. He then added a third floor to his home, which wasn’t far from the cemetery, so that he could view the statue of his beloved. Over the years, visitors to the cemetery have claimed that the statue of Laura Kelly appears to be weeping. Click here for directions to the cemetery, so you can see the infamous statue for yourself.

Aside from Kuhn State Memorial Hospital, what are some other notoriously creepy places in Vicksburg?

Kuhn State Memorial Hospital might be long gone, but that doesn’t mean Vicksburg is void of creepy places. It’s the opposite, actually. The city is brimming with spooky sites, including McRaven, “Mississippi's most haunted house.” Not only haunted, the home is historic, too. It was built in 1797! Luckily, McRaven offers tours of all kinds. You can enjoy a history tour, haunted tour, or combo tour. There’s also an option to participate in a paranormal investigation at McRaven. Learn more here.

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