This Tiered Waterfall And Swimming Hole In Mississippi Must Be On Your Summer Bucket List

There are quite a few swimming holes in Mississippi that can be worth checking out when the temperatures begin to climb. Waterfalls in Mississippi, however, are a bit less common. But a waterfall swimming hole in Mississippi?! That’s practically unheard of…but it does exist and it belongs on your summer bucket list!


Want to know more? The Pat Harrison Waterway District, which manages Dunn’s Falls Park, can be reached at (601) 655-8550. You can also visit the Dunn’s Falls Park website.

Dunn’s Falls isn’t the only waterfall in Mississippi you can splash around in. Clark Creek Natural Area is brimming with waterfalls. Even better, it boasts one of the best hiking trails with waterfalls in Mississippi.

Address: Dunn's Falls Park, 6890 Dunns Falls Rd A, Enterprise, MS 39330, USA