The Ancient Forest In Mississippi That’s Right Out Of A Storybook

Mississippi is full of picture-perfect places. And the state’s stunning beauty surely wasn’t lost on William Faulkner. The acclaimed author and former Mississippi resident drew inspiration for his stories from his surroundings. One spot in particular, Bailey’s Woods, is said to have especially inspired him. Full of enchantment, the forested area is straight from a storybook (literally). Even better, it’s grown to include a trail, so you can walk along the same path as Faulkner himself. Take a look:

For more information on Bailey’s Woods Trail and the museum, visit the University Museum website or call (662) 915-7073. To find out more about Rowan Oak, check out the home’s website.

So, ever been to Bailey’s Woods? What about Rowan Oak? Know of another place that could be straight from of a storybook? Tell us in the comments section.

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