This Alien Event In Mississippi’s Past Will Absolutely Baffle You

In 2014, Jackson County couple, Rainer and Edith Shattles, made international headlines when the trail cam on their 150-acre property in Cumbest Bluff caught something mysterious. It all began on a cold night in February. Going by the camera’s photos, everything seems normal at 7:24, when some deer show up. At 7:29 a dim light appears, and at 7:35, gets brighter. By 7:53, a strange shape appears on camera and the deer are lit up brightly – which is peculiar since the cameras are infrared and don’t put off light. At 7:56, another light appears and proceeds to get closer as if it’s focused on the deer. Then, just as suddenly as the strange light appears, it disappears.

See the unusual occurrence for yourself in the video below.

Many speculations have been made about the source of the light, including the suggestion of aliens and U.F.O.s. What do you think caused the strange lights?

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