Take These 13 Country Roads In Mississippi For A Gorgeous Scenic Drive

When it comes to beautiful drives in Mississippi, the options are virtually endless. With miles upon miles of back roads, it’s easy to lose yourself (literally and figuratively) in the stunning scenery. It’s also a bit difficult to keep track of all the stunning views found along country roads in Mississippi. To simplify things a bit, we put together some snaps taken along the best scenic drives in Mississippi.

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These beautiful drives in Mississippi portray our beautiful state perfectly! What do you think? Are these the best scenic drives in Mississippi? Or, did we miss your favorite route? Tell us!

Scenic places in Mississippi don’t end with scenic routes. There are plenty of stunning sights to see in the Magnolia State. Click here to read about 10 places in Mississippi that are a photo-taking paradise.

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Best Scenic Drives In Mississippi

September 27, 2021

Are there any other can’t-miss country roads in Mississippi?

Among the countless country roads in Mississippi, one you don’t want to miss is the Wildflower Trail on U.S. 51. It’s not an official scenic byway, but it’s brimming with stunning views, including lots of wildflowers. The beautiful roadway is the result of a statewide project known as The Wildflower Trails of Mississippi. The route includes the portion of U.S. 51 that leads into the small town of Crystal Springs.

What are the most beautiful drives in Mississippi?

There are lots of beautiful drives in Mississippi, but there’s no denying that the Great River Road is one of the most beautiful. A national scenic byway, it follows the course of the Mississippi River for 3,000 miles through 10 states, including Mississippi. The Mississippi portion extends over 200 miles and is dotted with stunning riverfront vistas, along with great scenery and eateries. The Natchez Trace Parkway is also among the most beautiful drives in Mississippi. The famous parkway spans 444 miles, starting in Natchez, MS and ending in Nashville, TN. The route boasts tons of sites and attractions, which run the gamut from hiking trails to ghost towns.

What are some other scenic places in Mississippi?

Scenic places in Mississippi are just as plentiful as scenic drives. One of the most beautiful sites in the state, though, is without a doubt Tishomingo State Park. The park is located in the foothills of the Appalachians, which means it has a terrain unlike anywhere else in the state. Like another world, the park boasts huge rock formations and several waterfalls. Revered just as much for its recreational opportunities as its incredible beauty, the park offers some of the state’s top canoeing and camping. It’s also the only place in Mississippi that you can go rock climbing.