These 14 Photos Of Mississippi Transformed Into A Winter Wonderland Will Have You Longing For Snow

A little over a month ago, something unusual happened in Mississippi – it snowed! And since it rarely snows in the Magnolia State, it was a pretty big deal. So it should be no surprise that many residents grabbed their cameras to capture the beautiful winter weather. We received incredible photos from readers all over the state and featured several of them in an article. (You can read it here.) Since then, we’ve gotten so many more great pictures that it’d be a shame to not share them. And with the recent cold spell we’ve been experiencing, it seemed like the perfect time! So without further ado, here are 14 photos of Mississippi transformed into a winter wonderland.

Mississippi sure does look beautiful when blanketed in snow! It’s a shame it happens so rarely. Luckily, we have these photos to hold us over until it happens again.

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