12 Incredibly Beautiful Photos Of Mississippi From The 2017 Winter Snowstorm

There are two things we can take away from the snow storm that hit Mississippi on December 8th. The first is that we Mississippians aren’t the best at driving in the snow. (But that’s not our faults. When you live in a place that rarely gets snow, how are you supposed to learn to drive in it?) The second is that Mississippi looks even more beautiful when covered in a fresh blanket of snow. Luckily, we’ve received several photos from readers who captured the rare winter weather that recently hit the Magnolia State; here are 12 of our favorites.

So, what’d you think of Mississippi’s recent snowfall? Do you remember the last time you saw snow in the Magnolia State? Tell us in the comments section. Have your own photo to share? Submit your pictures to submit-ms@onlyinyourstate.com.

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