Stillwater Turns Into A Winter Wonderland Each Year In Minnesota

Every year, dozens of towns in Minnesota get dressed in their winter best to delight locals and tourists alike. There is no denying the effort that gets put into making each town’s festivities spectacular, but there is one town in particular whose winter celebrations rise above the rest. Stillwater is the absolute best winter town in Minnesota, and it’s one whose charm is irresistible. Take a look at this charming winter wonderland town in Minnesota.

Do you ever visit Stillwater, the best winter town in Minnesota? What’s your favorite thing to do there? If you love to visit small towns during Christmastime, take a peek at this list of the 11 best Christmas towns in Minnesota.

Address: Stillwater, MN 55082, USA
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Best Winter Town In Minnesota

October 27, 2019

What other places are the most festive towns in Minnesota?

While winters in the Land of 10,000 Lakes can be brutal, you’ll find that there is a reason we’re known as the Star of the North. Our enchanting landscape hides absolute enchantment, especially around the holidays. The most festive towns in Minnesota are both quaint and scenic, featuring iconic snow-dusted streets and holiday displays alike. Breezy Point is one winter wonderland town in Minnesota that absolutely must be on your holiday bucket list – its resort is the coziest place to start a new tradition!

What are the best things to do for Christmas in Minnesota?

Here in Minnesota, holidays are all about family. Whatever you do, be sure to take the people that matter most with you! Even places that are festive all year round become particularly fun around the holidays, as Christmas in our state is a magical occurrence. We particularly recommend checking out the local celebration in your community – even get-togethers in small towns are delightfully jolly.

What kinds of activities can I do in winter in Minnesota?

In a place like The Gopher State, you’ll find all sorts of seasonal splendor. If you’re in search of specific places to visit in winter in Minnesota, where you end up is entirely dependent upon your sense of adventure. Snow tubing is an incredible wintertime attraction that many adore, and our parks offer splendid winter hiking. If you’re craving a much milder approach to the coldest months, you’ll want to take a vacation at our indoor beach. Winter in Minnesota, you’ll find, is magical.

Address: Stillwater, MN 55082, USA