Minnesota’s Whitewater State Park Looks Like Something Out Of Middle Earth

At one time or another, most of us have dreamt of being whisked away into a fantasy world. And it’s no wonder, given the mystical landscapes and heroic acts that make up many fictional worlds. While we can’t help you completely escape reality, we can help you find the next best thing. Here in Minnesota, there’s a gorgeous park that looks like something out of Middle Earth. Plan a visit to Whitewater State Park for rolling hills reminiscent of the Misty Mountains, forests that resemble Mirkwood, and an outdoor adventure that would put a hobbit to shame. Read on below to learn about this gorgeous place:

Have you ever been to Whitewater State Park? Let us know what you thought in the comments! And if you can’t get enough of storybook Minnesota, check out our past article about a Minnesota forest with trees more than 200 years old. The trees there aren’t quite Ents, but they’re as old as they come in these parts!

Address: Whitewater State Park, 19041 MN-74, Altura, MN 55910, USA