The Best Sight In The World Is Actually A Road Sign That Says Welcome To Minnesota

There are many wonderful things to discover in the world, but there’s nothing quite like crossing the state line back into Minnesota and being greeted by three simple words: Minnesota Welcomes You. Perhaps you call this state home, or maybe you lived here once, many years ago. Or maybe, you’re among the many people who come to Minnesota again and again for rest, relaxation, and natural beauty. Whatever the reason, or the season, you’ll see the Minnesota welcome sign and know you’re home.

Many of Minnesota’s welcome signs are located near rest areas. The Minnesota Department of Transportation has a map and information on all the rest areas in the state on its website. More than 20 million people stop at a Minnesota rest area every year. Now that you’ve made your way into Minnesota, here are the 10 best road trips you can take in the state.

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