There are so many gorgeous places in Minnesota to explore, and one videographer has been capturing stunning timelapse videos of the best ones, our rivers and waterfalls. Douglas Feltman has a knack for snapping thousands of photos and putting them together to deliver videos like this one. It showcases the best of MN’s natural beauty, and brings out emotions you never knew you could feel about a state park.

This one in particular hits close to home as it highlights much of the area that is still recovering from the severe flooding of a few years back. If the views don’t get you, the music by Dexter Britain will! Sit back, relax, and enjoy these 2 minutes of serene, haunting beauty that he compiled at Jay Cooke State Park. And if you can’t get enough of this footage – keep scrolling to see where you can find the 3 other videos he shot at Jay Cooke and more!

If you liked this amazing timelapse, check out Douglas Feltman’s YouTube channel for 3 more beautiful Jay Cooke videos and even more featuring the best of MN’s waters like Gooseberry Falls, Tischer Creek, Fairy Falls, Red Rock Dells, and Caron Falls among others.

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