What Lies Beneath The Streets Of This Minnesota City Is Creepy Yet Amazing

Under the streets of Duluth, unbeknownst to many Minnesotans, you can find a web of hauntingly beautiful streams buried in tunnels of brick and stone. The solution during the development of the city was to take the dozens of local streams that wound their way to Lake Superior and simply redirect them underneath the infrastructure. It’s something that we see in many other locations, but never quite as spectacular as we see in Duluth.

Once in a while the drainage system is brought to our attention, usually following a massive flood (like in 1972 and 2012), but typically the massive tunnels are just serving their purpose, unnoticed by most, despite their epic proportions and in many cases, masterful stone-masonry. Exploring the depths of these tunnels is no doubt an amazing, albeit creepy experience.

Have you ever noticed all the streams that disappear below ground in Duluth before? Tell us if you would be scared to explore the tunnels in the comments.