In the winter in Minnesota, it’s easy to curl up inside, turn the heater on, and stay as far away from the rugged, snowy wilderness as possible for 4 or 5 months. But, you might find if you venture out of your living room, that some of Minnesota’s prettiest views, and all of Minnesota’s beauty are waiting for you. Check out these eleven state parks to visit in Minnesota, and fill your winter with fun!


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state parks to visit in the winter in minnesota

How should I prepare to visit these Minnesota state parks in the winter?

If you're planning to visit or explore Minnesota in the winter, then you're likely already aware of the cold weather you will face. However, if you plan to spend time outdoors in these parks, then it's crucial that you and your companions are dressed properly. Even on warmer winter days, frostbite can sneak up on you faster than you might expect. Be sure to wear proper footwear, warm socks, gloves, a hat, and warm layers to insulate your core. If you get cold, take a break and warm up in your car.

What kind of activities are available in these parks in the winter?

Some of these parks offer year-round camping opportunities, but you'll need to be even more prepared for that than for a simple day trip. You can explore the trails in these parks in the winter and admire the unique quiet and beauty of the winter. Many offer cross-country skiing trails, snowshoe rentals, and ice fishing as well. At night, you can admire the stars and, if you're lucky, the aurora borealis, too.

Are these Minnesota state parks also good to visit in the summer?

Each and every one of the state parks on this list is also lovely in the summertime. The views and activities available in each park vary based on the season, so you should visit all of them at several different times of the year if you can. You'll have a completely different experience every time, and they'll all be great.

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