Just because the mercury has dipped below freezing doesn’t mean you have to stay inside for the rest of the winter. In fact, this time of year brings some of the most gorgeous natural wonders in Minnesota. From frozen waterfalls to icy lakes, there is no shortage of beautiful sights to behold during a Minnesota winter. Among the best is this snow-covered hike through one of Minnesota’s most underrated state parks. Read on to learn about the trail that you just have to hike this winter:

Have you ever been to Lake Maria State Park? Do you know of any other beautiful winter hikes in Minnesota? Let us know your favorites in the comments section! And for more winter fun in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, check out our list of 10 frozen waterfalls in Minnesota that you have to see to believe.

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Best Winter Hikes in Minnesota

Where can I go winter hiking in Minnesota?  

Minnesota might get pretty cold during the winter months, but that doesn’t typically stop us from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors anyway. Though some trails might close seasonally, not all of them do, and this means we can go out and have a great time outdoors no matter what time of year it might be. Some of our favorite winter hiking trails in Minnesota include gems like the Falls Loop Trail, which you can find at Gooseberry Falls State Park. It’s short, at just one mile long, but trust us when we say that this incredible frozen waterfall you experience along this one is 150% worth it. Meanwhile, at Banning State Park, you can indulge in the Quarry Loop Trail. This one is a little longer than the previous one, at 1.8 miles long, and it features a rushing river, interesting old ruins, beautiful forests, and so much more. Grand Portage State Park is another: check out the High Falls Trails which features, you guessed it, more waterfalls. Any of our amazing state parks will do, though – for more ideas, take a look at this article.  

What is winter in Minnesota like?  

Winter in Minnesota isn’t exactly a party filled with champagne and roses, but we find many ways to make it work for us anyway. As mentioned above, there are all kinds of places where you can try your hand (or feet, really) at the art of wintertime hiking. It’s cold! It snows a lot! It routinely dips below freezing! And you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way. For those who love the chilly air and the beautiful landscapes covered in snow, it’s a wonderland. Other than the hiking, there are plenty more things to do: check out some amazing frozen waterfalls or go ice skating on one of our amazing frozen lakes. Start a snowball lemonade stand. Check out an ice-carving competition (or enter one). Explore the small towns that really shine during winter. The possibilities are truly only as limited as your imagination.  

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