What You’ll Find In These 13 Small Towns In Minnesota May Surprise You

When you’re road-tripping through Minnesota, it’s hardly a shock that in multiple parts of the state you can find a photo op with a massive Paul Bunyan statue or a huge walleye (in fact, there are at least 5 towns in MN that claim to be the “Walleye Capital of the World,” can you name them all?). But venturing through the lesser-known towns in MN, you might be surprised at some of the other massive attractions you’ll find. From the World’s Largest Booming Prairie Chicken, to the World’s Largest Pelican, be prepared to see some epic sized attractions that your camera won’t want to miss!

Want to see more of the World’s Largest in MN? You should also check out The World’s Largest Northern (Erskine), The World’s Largest Free-Standing Hockey Stick (Eveleth), The World’s Largest Turkey (Frazee), The World’s Largest Lutefisk (Madison), The World’s Largest Peace Pipe (Pipestone), The World’s Largest Eagle (Red Lake), and The World’s Largest Floating Loon (Virginia). What other large attractions do you know about in MN? Share a photo with us on the Only In Minnesota Facebook Page!

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