Here Are The 15 Richest Cities In Minnesota

There are always places in a state where the homes and schools are more desirable, the views are phenomenal, and the grass seems just a bit greener, even if common sense tells us it’s not. These desirable zip codes usually come with a big price tag, and play host to some of the top earning people in the state, and in Minnesota, it’s no different. Do you think you can guess correctly which MN cities those are?

We rounded up the 15 richest cities in Minnesota based on average income per capita (and gave you the average household income as well) with a little help from ZipAtlas. So make your bets and write down your guesses because here they are:

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In the top 15 for household income, but not per capita, were Hamel, Rogers, Lakeville, and Savage. How many of these 15 did you guess? Were any of these surprising to you? Tell us on the Only In Minnesota Facebook Page!