Locals Love The Mouthwatering BBQ At Piggy Blue’s Bar-B-Que in Austin, Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, most people think of Austin as little more than the home of Spam. And outside of the state, most people think more about Austin, Texas than they do Austin, Minnesota. But there is plenty to celebrate about this southern Minnesota city, including its food. Spam may have put Austin on the map, but there are plenty of other culinary offerings up for grabs here. For example, Austin is home to a small but delicious BBQ restaurant that serves up mouthwatering sandwiches, slow-cooked meats, and scrumptious sides. Whether you’re an Austin local who has yet to try it or planning to travel through southern Minnesota, you should definitely add Piggy Blue’s Bar-B-Que to your dining bucket list. Here’s what you need to know:

For more information about Piggy Blue’s Bar-B-Que, including menus, hours, and takeout options, visit the restaurant’s website and Facebook page. And if you’re a barbecue lover, be sure to check out our past list of 11 of the best BBQ spots in Minnesota.

Address: Piggy Blue's Bar-B-Que, 323 Main St N, Austin, MN 55912, USA