Hike, Camp, And See Native Animals With A Trip To Oxbow Park And Zollman Zoo In Rochester, Minnesota

No matter which part of Minnesota you’re from, you probably know about Como Zoo and the Minnesota Zoo. You’ve likely even visited these zoos yourself. But there are other, lesser-known zoos to check out as well! One in particular that we think is worth exploring happens to be a park as well as a zoo. When you visit Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo in Rochester, Minnesota, you’ll find plenty of interesting activities and animals. We highly recommend planning a visit to this fun spot!

Have you ever been to Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo? For more information about the attraction, visit its page on the Olmsted County government website. And if you’re interested in other animal parks in Minnesota, check out our past article about Hemker Park and Zoo in Freeport, Minnesota.

Address: Oxbow Park & Zollman Zoo, 5731 County Rd 105 NW, Byron, MN 55920, USA