Minnesota’s Mount Charity Is One Of The Best Hiking Summits for Viewing Multiple States

Most people think of the North Shore as Minnesota’s destination for soaring hiking trails. And it’s true, there are plenty in the Arrowhead Region that take hikers high above the landscape. Palisade Head and Eagle Mountain are just a few examples out of many.

But if you look in other parts of Minnesota, you’ll find even more trails that offer spectacular views from above. One of our favorites is at John Latsch State Park. In this southeastern Minnesota park, a bluff called Mount Charity rises over the landscape and gives hikers an amazing view of multiple states at once. Read on to learn about this beautiful hike:

Have you ever hiked Mount Charity? Do you know of any other trails in Minnesota that offer views of our border states? Let us know in the comments!

Address: John A. Latsch State Park, US-61, Minnesota City, MN 55959, USA