15 Things Minnesotans Did Before The Internet Took Over Our Lives

It’s frequently debated these days whether or not all this technology is harmful to the younger generation. Between cell phones, tablets, and computers, it seems like most kids spend more time looking at screens than they do outdoors. Even adults are glued to their technology and less likely to spend weekends and weeknights out socializing, opting for emailing, texting, instant messaging, video chatting, and every other form of communicating that doesn’t involve real life interaction.

It’s gotten to the point where “Nature Deficit Disorder,” a term coined by Richard Louv, is becoming a harsh reality. Luckily, with all the beautiful scenery in Minnesota, it’s a little easier to get our kids and ourselves outside and enjoy the activities that generations past have experienced growing up in the North Star state. So let’s get back to basics and enjoy some of these great activities that Minnesotans have loved for years, and don’t involve a smartphone, memes, or cat videos.

Head outside, it’s possible even in the cold, and enjoy what Minnesota has to offer besides public WiFi! What’s your favorite activity during the MN winter?