The Easy 1-Mile Winter Hike In Minneapolis-Saint Paul That’s Positively Bewitching

Now that cold weather is all the rage, it’s tempting to cuddle up with your favorite blanket and pass the next few months indoors. But there are many places around Minnesota that are at their most beautiful under a fresh coat of snow. If you want to get outside this winter – but not for too long – this easy one-mile hike is just the thing to do. It’ll get you out of the house and into one of Minnesota’s nicest state parks. This might be one of the very best winter hikes in Minneapolis – and maybe the state!

What do you think about winter hiking? Besides Pike Island Trail, are there any other winter hikes you love? Let us know in the comments below!

Address: Fort Snelling State Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA
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Best Winter Hikes in Minneapolis

February 02, 2022

Where can I go cold weather hiking in Minneapolis?  

Minneapolis is a wonderful city nestled in a beautiful state that just so happens to have all sorts of awesome hiking trails, including ones you can enjoy when there’s snow on the ground and a major chill in the air. Some of our favorite spots for winter hiking in Minneapolis include several of our amazing nearby state parks. For example, there’s the River Trail withing Wild River State Park, which is a 1.5 mile trek through some of Minnesota’s most scenic landscapes. You can also do some winter hiking at Gooseberry Falls State Park, on the Upper Falls Trail – it’s just a half-mile long, but it’s awesome! You’ll love it, we promise. At Jay Cooke State Park, there’s the unforgettable Thompson Trail, and we also love the River Trail located within Flandreau State Park, which is one of our lesser-known but totally awesome hikes in a hidden gem of a park. For some more ideas, check this article out! We love the winter hikes.  

What are some fun things to do in the winter in Minneapolis?  

Who says wintertime means you have to stay indoors all the time? We here at Only In Your State feel like winter is one of the BEST times to get out and enjoy life, nature, and the city of Minneapolis. Some of our favorite fun things to do in the winter in Minneapolis include many of the cold-weather classics, like ice skating or snowmobiling. You’d be amazed at how much fun a frozen lake can be – you can even try your hand at ice fishing in some of them! As outlined above, you can always embark upon an epic cold-weather hike, visit any of our amazing state parks, or participate in an ice carving competition. If you don’t know how to make ice castles, well, you can always watch those who do! Winter in Minnesota is a treat, especially in the big city.  

Address: Fort Snelling State Trail, Minneapolis, MN 55417, USA