The Mesmerizing Lantern Festival Near Minneapolis You Need To See To Believe

If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience that includes friends, family, live music, and an epic lantern launch, you’ll be thrilled to learn that The Lights Fest is making its way to the Minneapolis area soon. Details of the event have yet to be released, but you can sign-up here and be among the first to be notified about ticket sales. This one-of-a-kind evening centers around the release of thousands of lanterns into the night sky. If you’ve yet to experience this phenomenon, you’re in for a treat. Here’s more on The Lights Fest and why you’ll want to reserve your spot now:

To learn more about The Lights Fest, you can visit the official website here. Have you ever attended an event like this? We’d love to hear about your experience! For a glimpse of this magic, be sure to watch the brief video below: