15 Undeniable Reasons Why Minneapolis Will Always Be Home

Minneapolis often remains unmentioned on lists of the coolest cities in The United States. Minnesota is often mocked for our accents as if they are as exaggerated as in the movie Fargo and our ability to withstand the harshest winters. Minneapolis is so much more than that.

To Minneapolitans it’s a truth universally acknowledged that Minneapolis is the coolest city in the country and we are underrated as a whole. Our city is breathtakingly beautiful, an oasis for cultural enrichment, full of vibrant individuals with incredibly diverse narratives. We deserve all the love we can get. Here are 15 undeniable reasons why we love our great city and why it will always be home:

Even with all these valid reasons why Minneapolis will always be home, we are certain you have more to add to the list. If you’re a bona fide Minnesotan, you should check out 13 Legitimate Signs That You Grew Up In Minnesota. Share your love for Minneapolis in the comments.