There’s A Magical Trolley Ride In Minnesota That Most People Don’t Know About

Long before buses started cruising our streets, long before the Blue and Green Lines ever laid their first track, the Twin Cities had a system of streetcars to shuttle people across town. In 1870, the first streetcars were drawn by horses. Later, cable cars and steam engines became popular. The lines expanded across the metro area until the early 1950s, when buses became the preferred method of transportation. By 1954, the last of the streetcars was put to rest.

That is, until nearly 20 years later when the Twin City Rapid Transit Company rebuilt some of the old lines and resumed service with the Streetcar No. 1300. Then in 2004, the Minnesota Streetcar Museum was built to commemorate the history of the famous streetcars. Today, it’s a great destination to learn about the history of one of Minnesota’s earliest forms of public transportation – and to take a trolley ride of your own.

I don’t know about you, but I’m adding this to my Minnesota bucket list. What about you? Have you ever taken a trolley ride on one of these historic streetcars?

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