The Gorgeous 3-Mile Hike In Minnesota’s Sawtooth Mountains That Will Lead You Past A Forested Peak

Did you know that Minnesota has its own mountain range? The Sawtooth Mountains are a low range of jagged, sawlike peaks in northern Minnesota. They’re not the Rockies – or even the Appalachians – but they have a beauty all their own. It’s easy to explore the mountains along the many hikes that crisscross over them. In the past, we’ve explored the Oberg Mountain Loop, a spectacular trail that offers views of a wonderful Minnesota lake. Today, we want to introduce a nearby trail. The LeVeaux Mountain Trail is a 3-mile loop in the Sawtooth Mountains that leads to a forested peak with an amazing view. Take a look:

Have you ever hiked the LeVeaux Mountain Trail? Do you have any other favorite places in the Sawtooth Mountains? Let us know in the comments!

Address: Leveaux Mountain, Tofte Township, MN 55615, USA