With A Spectacular View Of Lake Superior, This Minnesota Airbnb Is Worth An Overnight Stay

Being one of the most beautiful regions of Minnesota, it’s no wonder that for many of us the perfect mini-vacation is a long weekend along the shore. But thanks to its popularity, many of the biggest hotels along Lake Superior are quite expensive. That’s where a stay in an Airbnb comes in. There are many to choose from, but we might have found the most beautiful. A stay in the Lake Superior Sea Villa Airbnb is not only more affordable than regular hotels. It also brings you much closer to the spectacular view than many of the other popular spots in the area. Here’s everything this charming spot has to offer:

For more information about this beautiful place to stay, including amenities, available dates, and pricing, take a look at their page on Airbnb. And for help planning your trip along the North Shore, take a look at our one-day North Shore road trip.

Address: North Shore, MN 56336, USA