Anyone who’s ever visited Lake Superior can attest to the fact that it truly looks like an endless sea. As the largest of the Great Lakes – it contains more water than the other four combined – and the second-largest lake in the world by surface area, Lake Superior certainly lives up to its name. Here in Minnesota, we are lucky to have more than 100 miles of shoreline along this beautiful lake, including many wonderful beaches. Below, you’ll learn about six of the best Lake Superior beaches in Minnesota. Visit them, and you’ll feel like you’re at the ocean.

Have you ever visited any of these Lake Superior beaches? Do you have other favorites that we didn’t list? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out our road trip that will take you to all of the best places on the North Shore in just one day!


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Lake Superior Beaches

Are there any other Lake Superior beaches in Minnesota?

There are several other Lake Superior beaches in Minnesota, and they can be found in many places along the North Shore Scenic Byway. There are two that are particularly noteworthy which were not mentioned in the main article above.

Probably the most obvious is the pebble beach located right in downtown Grand Marais, Minnesota. This beach is the focal point of this charming small town’s business district. It overlooks the quaint harbor with its moored boats and break walls, as well the iconic light house that stretches out from Artist Point. The beach is part of a small park, so you’ll find benches, statues, and other things to explore right in the area. Grab a smoothie from Shook, and take some time to sift through the stones looking for treasure.

You’ll find the other beach at Flood Bay State Wayside, which is just outside of Two Harbors as you head up the North Shore. Pull in for a bit and scramble over the rocks, or just sit back and enjoy the waves as the roll up over the craggy beach.

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