The Historic Palmer House Hotel In Minnesota Is Notoriously Haunted And We Dare You To Spend The Night

There’s always something new to explore in Minnesota! Usually, that includes scenic hiking trails, lovely new restaurants, or uniquely Minnesotan shops, museums, and more. But today, we want to introduce an attraction that might not be for everyone. It’s a historic hotel in central Minnesota that might just be haunted. Do you dare spend the night? Read on below to learn more about this creepy attraction.

If you’re looking to have the most haunted experience possible, be sure to book your stay in rooms 11 or 17. They are considered the most haunted! Would you ever stay in this potentially haunted hotel? For more information about the Palmer House Hotel, including booking your stay, visit their website and Facebook page. If you love haunted things, you may also be interested in our haunted road trip through Minnesota. And if you know of any creepy places we may have missed, be sure to nominate them.

Address: Palmer House Hotel & Restaurant, 500 Sinclair Lewis Ave, Sauk Centre, MN 56378, USA