For One Of The Spookiest And Underrated Haunted Houses In Minnesota, Visit The Haunting Experience On Highway 61

Come fall, Minnesota’s nights begin to come alive with the screams of frightened haunted house visitors. These visitors come from miles around to experience spooky creatures, eerie sets, and plenty of jump scares as they travel through the darkened houses, barns, and maze that hold the scares. There are plenty of spooky haunted houses to choose from in Minnesota, but there’s one in particular that we feel is underrated. This year, pay a visit to the Haunting Experience on Highway 61 for the spookiest night of your year. Here’s what ou need to know before you visit:

For more information about the Haunting Experience on Highway 61, take a look at their website and Facebook page. And if you’re interested in other terrifying haunted houses in Minnesota, take a look at our articles about the Haunted Basement and the Dead End Hayride.

Address: 10900 E Point Douglas Rd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016, USA