This 2-Mile Hike In Minnesota Takes You Through An Enchanting Forest

If you’re an avid hiker in Minnesota, you probably already have a few favorite trails. Maybe you enjoy the challenge of the extra-long Superior Hiking Trail or the soaring heights of the Eagle Mountain Trail. Those — and all of the state’s other trails — are phenomenal. But there’s a lesser-known trail in northern Minnesota that is well worth the trip. This 2-mile hike takes you through an enchanting forest, and it’s simply unforgettable.

Next time you’re looking for a hike in northern Minnesota, look no further than the Lost 40 SNA. This wildlife area preserves a once-lost part of Minnesota. Visit for a beautiful day outdoors and to appreciate the stroke of luck that preserved this old-growth forest for future generations. Have you ever been to the Lost 40? What are your other favorite short hikes in Minnesota? Let us know in the comments below!