The Story Behind Minnesota’s Disappearing Waterfall Is Bizarre But True

So far up north you can practically look out your window and wave to our Canadian neighbors, there’s a natural phenomenon hiding in the city of Grand Marais that has yet to be solved. Unfamiliar with this mystery? Then let us fill you in on the story behind this disappearing waterfall that will leave you feeing bewildered!

If you’ve never visited this state park, you can get a better idea of what this disappearing waterfall is like in the footage below provided by Stephanie Moeller on YouTube:

Did you know about this waterfall or the fact that no one’s been able to solve the mystery behind it? Share your pictures of Devil’s Kettle Falls in the comments section! If you’re fascinated by natural phenomenon’s like this, then read about the The Mysterious Ruins Hiding In Plain Sight In Minnesota That Will Baffle You!

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