This Unexplained Natural Phenomenon In Minnesota Will Baffle You

If you grew up in Minnesota, you’ve definitely heard of Devil’s Kettle, the place where the Brule River splits in two and half of it disappears. Poof. Gone. Down an 800+ foot hole, never to be found again. Not to say people haven’t tried. Ping pong balls, dye, sticks, logs, and even some electronics have gone down the hole with the rushing water and have yet to resurface. The theory is that it empties somewhere into Lake Superior, but nobody has found that place yet.

Why can’t we figure it out? Not only do cameras and GPS devices not work if they are thrown 800+ feet down into water, but ropes and lines would snag, and dye and objects are obviously a no. Furthermore, we can’t even find a geological explanation based on where this phenomenon occurs. Dylan Thuras from Atlas Obscura explains why:

So for now it will remain unsolved. But really, keep an eye out for all those ping pong balls, because they’ve got to be somewhere, right?

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