Minnesota officially joined the United States in 1858, making our state more than 160 years old. But of course, Minnesota’s history stretches far past the 19th century. People have lived on this land for millennia, and if you look closely, you’ll find signs of the presence everywhere. One place in particular, a huge section of rock in southern Minnesota, is a fantastic place to visit and learn about Minnesota’s long history. Though this archaeological spot has been studied for decades, it is still a mystery to scientists. Read on below to learn more about Jeffers Petroglyphs, the 23-mile rock outcrop that baffles archaeologists to this day:

All in all, this unusual site is an amazing place to learn about the history of Minnesota’s first people. We highly recommend a visit to anyone with an interest in history or archaeology! For more information about Jeffers Petroglyphs, including history, hours, and admission prices, visit the Minnesota Historical Society website.

While the history of this archaeological discovery is still being unraveled, our state is no stranger to such unique finds. There are actually quite a few mysterious places in Minnesota that are pretty baffling!

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