Enjoy Cool, Crisp Water At This Incredible Island Resort In Minnesota

Being the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it should come as no surprise that Minnesota is home to many wonderful lakeside resorts. But some spots, like the one we’d like to introduce today, go one step further. Just like the name implies, Ludlow’s Island Resort is not just a lakefront getaway. It’s an entire island that offers up water views on every side. The cabins are comfortable, there’s plenty to do, and it’s on a beautiful lake! Read on below to learn more about this special spot:

For more information about Ludlow’s Island Resort, including amenities, availability, and booking a stay, check out their website and Facebook page. And if you’d like to explore other awesome resorts, check out our past list of 13 unbelievable resorts in Minnesota.

Address: Ludlow's Island Resort, 8166 Ludlow Rd, Cook, MN 55723, USA