Here’s How You Can Do Your Part To Combat Chronic Wasting Disease, A Deer Disease On The Rise In Minnesota

Here in Minnesota, we care deeply about our wildlife. That’s why there are so many state parks, nature preserves, and wildlife refuges scattered across the state. These areas protect Minnesota’s native animals, preserving their natural habitats and keeping them safe from human development.

But even still, many of Minnesota’s animals are at risk from disease. One important disease to be aware of is chronic wasting disease, a deer disease that has been on the rise in Minnesota lately. While the DNR is keeping an eye on the disease, there are still things you can do to slow its spread. Below, you’ll find information on the issue as well as steps you can take to mitigate it.

With the help of homeowners, Minnesota officials hope to slow or even stop the spread of chronic wasting disease throughout the rest of the state!

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