Minnesota Lego Fans Will Love A Trip To Brickmania, A Lego Shop With Some Truly Incredible Designs

Lego are among the most beloved toys in the world. These buildable bricks are so popular that you’d be hard-pressed to find any family that doesn’t have at least one Lego diehard. Here in Minnesota, we have a few places where Lego fanatics can gather. At the Mall of America, there’s an official Lego store where you can buy individual bricks, the newest kits, and much more. The Lego Store is well-known to most Minnesotans. But did you know there’s an unofficial Lego store that is just as fun? Read on below to learn about Brickmania GHQ, a Minneapolis-based Lego shop with some truly incredible designs:

Have you been to Brickmania GHQ? For more information about the store and company, including hours, events, and offerings, visit their website and Facebook page.

Address: 1618 Central Ave NE UNIT 110, Minneapolis, MN 55413, USA