Watch Out For Black Flies, A New Species Of Biting Insects On The Loose In Minnesota

By and large, the Land of 10,000 Lakes is free of the types of terrifying animals you’ll find in warmer climates. Venomous snakes are few and far between (though there are two species found here). Likewise, scorpions, sharks, and crocodiles are all thankfully found far away from Minnesota. But there are still a few creepy-crawlies left in the state that everyone should be aware of. For example, black flies have been making headlines for their recent resurgence in Minnesota. These creatures are not dangerous, but they are unpleasant. Read on below to learn what they are and how to avoid them.

While these flies aren’t harmful, they can be a major nuisance! Take precautions when you spend time outside, and you’re likely to avoid black fly bites. For more information about black flies in Minnesota, take a look at the black fly page on the Minnesota Department of Health website.

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